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BitToons NFT

Now you can enjoy our editorial cartoon BitToons, NFT related to the theme of cryptocurrencies. From our illustrator and digital artist @NickoleNFT.

Bitcoin Pizza Day

BitToons by @NickoleNFT

We will have a weekly publication of this type. You will be able to own this illustration minted on a NFT on the Stacks network (STX). Through the Gamma, platform, you will be able to participate in a weekly auction to become a collector of these pieces. In this link , you can see the status of the current auction.

Rewards Sent!

Announcing our recent winner of the rewards contests.

We deliver the first reward cycle to the first 10 BitToons holders. In this Twitter link, you will be able to see who got the tokens, after reaching the reward threshold to 100%. We send a total of STX 150.46

The average price of BitToons is currently 62 STX.

In this link you can see the complete collection in Gamma.io

 The latest BitToons minted by a new holder

BitToons NFT Reward Rules for Holders

Dear collectors. We reached 51 BitToons minted, but we did not reach 50 sold. We know the reasons in the market. So by not achieving the goal, we have updated the modality for the rewards.

The rewards that have been accumulated go to LP farming in ALEX.

By accumulating a certain number of ALEX, new distributions will be made.

In principle, a part of ALEX will be delivered to any of the holders who already have BitToons, through a raffle.

ALEX is already accumulating, in a few days we will announce the first prize and draw.

BitToons disponibles en Gamma:

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